Sunday, 21 October 2012

[KERNEL][SENSE GB]*****Cranium Kernel for Htc Explorer


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Old overclocked kernel(1307 Mhz) - (Not recommended coz of very high battery drain)

How to Flash/Install the Kernel
  • Unlock bootloader from Htc-Dev,Flash custom recovery and root your phone-
  • Download the latest build of cranium kernel
  • Copy signed-cranium-kernel_build#XYZ to your sd-card
  • Boot into recovery mode
  • Mount /system in "Mounts & Storage" menu(otherwise WiFI wont work)
  • Select "Install zip from SD Card" And choose signed-cranium-kernel_build#XYZ
  • Reboot!

Kernel Features(Change with each update)
  • Based on Htc French(telefonica) sources-Will work on all roms
  • Compiled with arm-eabi-gcc-4.4.3 from mainline Cyanogen Mod repository( ZERO WARNINGS!)
  • Ext 2/3/4 and SWAP support
  • 11 Mb Ram Hack! ->U now get 419 MB ram
  • ArmV7 optimizations
  • Bumped to Linux Kernel 2.6.38 and cherry-picks from kernel 2.6.39.x
  • Compiled with Qualcomm Snapdragon optimizations and pipe in Makefile
  • Useless Governors and I/O Schedulers disabled to make kernel smaller
  • VR and Sio(default) I/O Schedulers added -> Faster I/O and database access/app loading speeds
  • Supports only 2 CPU governors- Lionheart and Ondemand(default) {More are not needed!} --> Lighter kernel
  • Disabled useless code debugging crap ->Smaller kernel,better performance and battery life
  • Fugumod lowmemorykiller driver ->Better ram management
  • Perflock disabled,u can select all the shown frequencies
  • Lowered WiFi voltage -> Less battery drain while using WiFi
  • Both zImage and ramdisk now compressed as lzma
  • NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default
  • Faster I/O (not only benchmarks but real life)
  • Bumped JHASH to V3 -> Faster internet and better package handling
  • Adjust MM ratios and disabled GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS
  • SLUB memory allocator
  • Added optimised swahb32() byteswap helper for ARM v7
  • Tuned for Faster performance and better battery life!!
  • init.d scripts loaded on bootup,TUN support as Module
  • kernel is insecure ( and usb debugging enabled
  • zImage is 0.6 MB smaller than stock! Also optimized for size..
  • High undervolting- 600 Mhz now runs @ the same voltage as 480 Mhz,480 Mhz-> 500 Mhz @same voltage, 320 Mhz->340 Mhz @same voltage --> Better performance with better battery!
  • And lots of stuff too technical to be listed! See my github repository for more information regarding the same :0

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